We provide a range boarding facilities from mares boarding for our standing stallions to foals and yearlings attending sales. We also offer a full breaking and riding service for yearling in preparation for Breeze-Up sales.

We offer a variety of boarding packages from full season board to boarding for the duration of the covering process.

The covering shed and boarding facility will be supervised by Padraig, who will oversee all coverings and care of boarding mares, will ensure safe and efficient movement of mares to and from covers and paddocks during their stay with us, thus minimising their risk exposure outside their box. Paul, who has extensive covering experience, will handle the Stallion during all coverings to ensure no injury occurs to either mare or stallion. CCTV has been installed in the Covering barn and boarding sheds, as part of our H&S programme, to monitor all coverings and boardinsg. Two additional covering barn staff will attend to handle the mare during covering. 

The attributes of our management team, yard staff through to administration along with our team work ethic ensures a comfortable streamlined experience for clients and bloodstock alike whilst visiting our farm.